Signature Strip Reversible Tote (Patent Trim)

  1. hi all, i'm thinking to get the signature reversible tote with patent trim in khaki/ white :smile: please advice does jacquard fabric (especially the white part) get color transfer easily in rain or when wear with dark color jeans :confused1: sorry if this sounds silly but i have never own coach jacquard before. many thanks !
    khaki white patent trim.JPG
  2. it's possible, yes. especially if you have brand new, really dark wash jeans.
  3. thank u for the fast reply :smile: will take note :smile:)
    anyway to reduce possible damage by spraying some stuff before use?
  4. honestly, i don't know if there's anything you can do to prevent transfer. wait til some coach sa's pop up and see what they say- they may know of something.
  5. Color transfer is definitely possible. I've stayed away from white bags for the most part.
  6. I have it in the vermillion color & haven't had any problems so far, but it is a darker color of course!
  7. hi i have the med sized reversible tote in dark brown and i've been using it for half a year so far there's no prob with the transfer, but i think the cream bags will get dirty even if there's no transfer! (:
  8. huh, i have never ever had a prob with the jacquard. the patent, maybe. but usually no prob with coach bags.