Signature strip Ipod case on Ebay ... $177 and counting!

  1. :wtf:
  2. IT'S UP TO $300.00!:wtf:
    31 mins to go!
  3. Whoa ..... some people are crazy. I'll get a whole new bag for that much!
  4. not shill bidding at all?
  5. Ok NO WAY!! :wtf: I can't believe someone would pay that much for an ipod case!
  6. Stupid question, but what is shill bidding?
  7. 177 .. 50 more than msrp wasn't that crazy.. but now 300.. damn, i should have bought that case! lol. wow .. $300! $50 more and thats the price of my ipod
  8. Here's the defination that eBay gives: Shill Bidding is bidding that artificially increases an item's price or apparent desirability, or bidding by individuals with a level of access to the seller's item information not available to the general Community. Shill Bidding is prohibited on eBay.

    Pretty much it seems to me the seller of the item will go underneath another account & bid to make the price higher.

  9. Thanks. I have been ebaying for years, selling and buying, and didn't know what it was. Obviously, no shill bidding in my listings, I didn't even know what it was! Shady people out there.
  10. Wow, ended at 300 bucks!

    This is offered on again. I would be SO bummed if I was the person that spent $300 on something that you could get on (The stripe widths may be different, but still...)
  12. I just noticed the same thing today! How funny. I'm thinking about buying some to sell on ebay.
  13. Three words: people are stupid.

    I am no longer surprised by how much people will pay for things on eBay. I think people get caught up in the bidding and winning the auction becomes more important to them than the item they are bidding on.
  14. i agree with mokoni. but, as a ebay seller, you kinda hope for those kind of ambitious buyers! they really make your month!