Signature Stitch Hobo

  1. I just purchased a signature stitch on eBay. I am not very familar with coach bags and wondered if this is a new bag or one from last year. Any info would be appreciated. Thanks!!
  2. Do you have the item # ? or a picture?
  3. If it's the one I am thinking of, it's from last year, late fall.

    It's beautiful, my Mom has the Flap. It's just really stiff. I've seen them on sale at Macy's and Nordstrom's.
  4. style # is 10483
  5. Like this ?

    I think I saw these at Nordstroms on sale about 2 months ago.. so I'd say it is a fairly recent bag
  6. Yes, only in black with silver. Any idea on original or sale price?
  7. I saw those at the outlet about a month ago.
    They were 50% off the outlet prices.
    Within the $100-200 range.
    They went quick!
  8. At Nordstroms I think they were abour $250 or so.. original retail was about $398 or something??
  9. $398! i have one ;)
  10. Thanks everyone!
  11. I have the black also in the larger size. I bought it in Nov. of last year, it was around three hundred something before tax. Its a great bag.