Signature Slim Legacy Envelope wallet owners: help

Jan 4, 2008
Oregon Coast
So I was not so cautious and bid on one and won. Well, I received her today and am a little confused. My first thought was/is that I have been taken and she is fake :sad:. I posted on the authenticate this Coach board and margaritaxmix gave me her input, but it is not moving along so well, so I wanted to ask here. If in fact she is real, does anyone find that the back pocket is WAY tight? Also I noticed that in the two large pockets inside, the side next to the CC slots looks faded, or that the lining was only put in to face the CC slots and not that side of the other pocket. kwim? I am just confused, so any help from other owners would be greatly appreciated!

This is the one I won:



Changes mind always!
Aug 25, 2007
I have this wallet except the inside leather is pink. The outside pocket is really tight.