Signature Shoulder Tote in Dark Brown!

  1. Hmm!! It looks like you could eat it, I love brown's, especially for Fall!


    My only beef is that unless they are leather, the slouchy totes don't "slouch" very well.
  2. My friend at work has this in the double black, and it looks sooooo amazing! I didn't want it originally (have too many "wants") but after seeing her with it, It's now #3 on my "I need that Coach purse!" list. :yes:
  3. These are nice. The fabric eventually does fold, not slouch but it sure takes a long time.
  4. I have it in white trim & mine slouches. I kinda don't like it when it does..I have a thing for my bags to sit up straight (I know I sound weird). When did the brown come out? I think I need this one now. Out of all the colors Coach has, I think my favorite for some reason is the chocolate brown.
  5. LOL Thats cute!

    I really love this color combination, brown is my favorite color!
  6. i love this bag and i want this bag!!
  7. I fell in love with this at the store today. :love: I ordered it in the silver/dark brown combination and am so excited! My friend was rolling her eyes at me because I kept going back to the Coach store and trying it on over and over. I'm so excited that it'll be mine very soon! :yahoo:
  8. that's funny, because i have been too!! i've tried the bag on like 3 different times, and i've gone to 2 different stores in 3 days...I want the khaki/chestnut so bad...mine new cosmetics pouch would look cute in it, plus i'm a sucker for khaki/ 2nd favorite signature combo, next to black/silver. but i'm torn between that and this MJ bag that I'm eyeing, so I don't know what to do...:shrugs:
  9. I WANT this bag. I saw it on a few weeks ago, but it's no longer there. What happens to the bag now and where can I get one?
  10. I had this bag in the black signature, and I totally didn't like how it hung on my shoulder. You're right - if you're gonna get it, get it in the leather so it does slouch.
  11. I have this bag in the camel leather and it slouches a lot depending on how you hook the top. I also like my bags to stand up a bit but I'm getting use to it. It holds a ton.
  12. so cute but would want it in black
  13. Ughh! I regret not getting the Sig Shoulder Tote in chocolate! :Push:

    That color is GORGEOUS!
  14. I love that bag
  15. Oh, the chestnut is to die for. I've tried it on twice now. A friend had the shoulder tote that was out a year ago and hated it so bad she sold it on ebay after about a week. She didnt like it because one side would always buckle in so I am a little afraid to get it. Totally gorgeous though!