Signature Scarf Print Tote (Brass-Multicolour)

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    Do any of you own this bag or have seen it in person? I have only seen the pictures on Coach's website and was wondering what the bottom of the bag is like. Is it the scarf material?

    Also, is this a high-maintenance bag (i.e. would I have to worry about getting it dirty and cleaning it often?).
  2. i've never seen this particular one, but they're really all the same. but it's my experience that ALL scarf print is high maintenance. (too much, imho). but the darker colors in this one might be okay.
  3. I was told by an SA that they would be VERY difficult to keep clean. I don't know about the bottom, but I do like it a lot in person.
  4. Well, of course I'm no expert, and I've never seen them in person, but judging by the photos on the website, what are the other Signature Stripe bottoms like? It's in that same category, so I would imagine they would go by the same design. (i.e. Same fabric on bottom/another durable fabric, etc.)

    I have the scarf print ergo tote and the bottom is a white leather, but you can clearly see that it is sewn there on the website. So, I could be wrong, but I'm assuming the new green scarf most likely would not be the same.

    As far as keeping it clean, I am super careful with it. I'll never put it on any floor other than the rug in my bedroom, and at work I actually quickly dust off the shelf in the locker room before I put it down and make sure it is up high so no one touches it. In the car it goes on the backseat or the passenger seat, never the floor. No problems so far... :shame:
  5. The scarf print gets dirty very easily, but its pretty easy to clean. I just take a damp cloth to mine and add a little detergent and wipe. It works.
  6. I'm a little disappointed. This was one of the purses that I was REALLY drawn to in a long time, but most of you are saying how easily it gets dirty.

    I'm not sure that I want something that's so fussy. I'm already pretty protective of my everyday purses and this one sounds like it would need a baby monitor.

    Oh well...thanks everyone for your input!!!
  7. The bottom of the bag is brown leather. As long as you keep them scotch-garded once every few weeks, they wipe clean easily. :yes:
  8. I’m new to Coach (I have only one bag and one wristlet, and both were gifts). I’ve been meaning to buy a Coach bag for the longest time, but I never really found a style I really really liked (for the price). Now, I finally found a Coach bag that I just have to have…the Signature Scarf Print Tote (green, black, white, brown, gold print). I saw it on the website and I just have to buy it (nevermind that I’m on a purse ban until July).

    I have a few questions though:

    Can you find bags sold in the Coach website in outlets? I don’t have a problem with spending the $298 for the bag, but I figured that if I can get it cheaper somewhere, the better.

    What’s the best Coach outlet near Chicago and NYC? I’ll be in the US for vacation in September, and I want to maximize my shopping opportunities.
  9. I love the scarf tote in the larger size...let me know if it's as delicate as it sounds. I am going to look @ it on Thurs... I like that it's a bit dressier than other coach bags.
  10. They had it in a Shoulder Tote at Nodies. It has a wider shoulder strap. I liked it more than the others.
  11. I've seen it in person and I love it.. that will be my next purchase. As long as it's not used as an everyday bag, it doesn't seem like it would be too difficult to keep clean. I thought the material on the bottom was the same as the rest of the bag but I don't truly remember.
  12. Hmm...but do you think that it is too dressy to use as an everyday purse? Initially that's what I wanted it for...Am I crazy?
  13. I love my scarf print bags! Although I must say, I do get kind of wary when I wear them because I'm afraid to get them dirty! :shame:
  14. Usually bags that are on the website are not at the outlets yet. Some of the SA's that are on this forum say it can take a few months for the new stuff to hit the outlets.
  15. im not an expert either, but i have actually seen this bag in person ive touched it and seen someone with it and from my exp.i say it is high maintenance bag you will have to be careful of getting stains on it. It is scarf material i actually considered buying it but when i felt it i changed my mind. but it is a very beautiful bag.