Signature Satchel?

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  1. Does anyone have the signature satchel, #6232? Any experience with the gold trim.. does it flake off? :confused1: I notice this style is from 05' does that mean it is long gone from the outlets, or has anyone seen it lately? Thanks for any info!! :tup: PS this is a pic from eBay because I can't find it in gold anywhere else!!

  2. My daughter has this bag and wore it every day for quite a long time. The gold trim still looks like the day she bought it. It is a fabulous bag! Hope you can find it.
  3. Great, thanks!! That makes me feel good about it!! :tup:
  4. Does anyone know about where these are? Is there any sightings at outlets?? TIA!!
  5. i bought this same bag/metalic and all but in the gallery tote style and love it!!!!! the metalic gold is beautiful and continues to look great!
    I purchased mine from JAX 3 mos ago and at the time I believe they still had some of the satchel...
    (the bag your'e looking for)
    good luck!!!!:smile:
  6. cool thanks :tup:
  7. This is a cute bag. One was on eBay but I have not seen them at the outlets. Let's stay hopeful!
  8. Yeah, I have seen a couple on eBay, but since I am headed to cali on sat. I thought I better wait it out and check and see what I find at the outlets.. I don't think they will have this style but maybe something else will strike my fancy.. I really love this bag though, especially with the gold trim, and gold really isn't my thing!!