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  1. Acoording to the tpf rules, established members can have links to thier online stores or what not. I put a link to my (non-eBay) booth & was reprimanded, but I am seeing other members with link to thiers.

    Is there a clear guidline to what's allowed & what is not? & who is appearently excluded?

    Thanks :flowers:
  2. Specifically what was your signature? What kind of link?
  3. It was to Bonanza. Which I was told was a nono - & that's a-ok w/ me, I didn't know & now I do. But just today I saw 2 other members with the same Bonanza link, one who's had it up for a while, so I wonder did the rule change?
  4. We are currently restructuring some of the sig rules, so there may be inconsistencies. Feel free to add your Bonanza link now if you'd like.
  5. Oh yay! Thanks!
  6. Just so people understand, until last night, it was never allowed. So if you saw a Bonanza link in a signature, it was only because no one reported it and we hadn't seen it yet. Just FYI :smile1
  7. :yes:

    Swanky's right. This temp. arrangement may change in the very near future, I am still revising the rules. I'll let ya'll know in the next few days.

Thread Status:
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