Signature Rules

  1. Hi all

    I recently added a link to my sig to my business after searching this section and seeing it was mentioned it was ok if you where an established member

    But I have just noticed this thread

    Can I get clarifcation would when it says you need preapproval to a commercial site would that include my eBay store?

    Can you please let me know I am happy to take it down if this is what it means until approval or not, but it took me ages to put up so I'd like confirmation first please

    Thanks guys :heart:
  2. nothing linked to eBay is ever allowed.
  3. I just noticed the new signature rules as well. Is mine ok? This is an etsy site. Thanks! :smile:
  4. you're fine.. It's basically 500 posts PLUS 5 months of membership and it can't be eBay.
    Nothing has really changed, we just put it into writing.
  5. Is that just the signature? I've seen links to eBay stores in people's profiles before.
  6. hmmm, I'm pretty sure no eBay links of any kind is allowed.
    I never look in profiles so I never see them, hopefully Vlad will weigh in.
  7. Ok no problem i'll take it out (i'll try now but i'm on pda so if not def later)

    But it doesn't say no ebay in the sig rules, not trying to argue I'm only saying

    thank's for your input swanky I appreciate it!