Signature requires. Thoughts?

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  1. Hi all
    Just a quick question. I just sold a very expensive bag and need to ship it. I stated in the auction that I would require a signature due to the clue of the bag. The buyer is lovely but said she's not home during the day to sign for the package and would I mind not doing a signature required. I feel very strongly about wanting a signature.
    What are your thoughts?
  2. She can pick it up at the post office and sign for it there.
  3. No, I would not waive it. How much is the bag? If she is not home during the day, either she can pick it up at the PO and sign there or she could change her address in Paypal before payment to her work address (if that is why she is not home).
    Your seller protection may depend on an on-line signature.
  4. If you waive the signature and she claims non-receipt, even if tracking shows delivery, you'll lose the case.

    If a buyer wants to purchase expensive items from ebay, she needs to be aware that there are requirements for buyer and seller protection and neither side should expect the other to give up protection.

    As a test, try this: Tell her you'll ship without s.c. if she sends you payment by postal money order. I bet she won't do it!
  5. No way. She is asking you to void your seller protection. Totally agree with the other posts
  6. This. The signature protects her and you, she should want this.
  7. I would just politely explain that you couldn't possibly consider it due to the value of the item and explain, as other posters have suggested, her options for collection/redelivery.

    She really shouldn't be asking any seller to abandon their rights to seller protection. That's quite unfair in my humble opinion.
  8. thanks all so much. she explained to me that ups will leave a form for her to sign and will enter the signature into their system and then leave the bag because they will have her signature. is that a safe way to do it? how can it be picked up at the post office? thank you!!!
  9. I guess I'm just not understanding how she can have it delivered/picked up at the po if I'm using UPS?
  10. does this mean that I should send it via USPS instead of UPS with insurance, tracking and signature and her local PO will hold it for her?
  11. No, it is not. Seller protection is very clear. You need to have an online viewable signature confirmation in order to have seller protection.
    Also, not saying that she is a scammer, but most scammers are very "lovely" to deal with. That is how they win over the trust of the person they are scamming.
  12. If you send it via USPS, the attempt to deliver will be made. If she is not there to sign, they will leave a note for her to pick it up at her local PO. She can also call her local PO and ask to redeliver the package when she is at home/work to sign for it.
    The bottom line: DO NOT send without signature or you WILL lose the item not received case, if she ever opens one.
  13. thanks so much, all! she just sent me a message through ebay and asked if I could have it delivered through her parents' address. I told her that she would need to contact paypal and change the address that they have for her in their system and it would need to be a confirmed address and then her dad could sign for it. is that an okay way to do it?
    or should I do it usps? will ups definitely NOT deliver if she's not there for signature? the bag sold for 600 but is worth more than 1K and it's brand new. what would you all recommend at this point?
  14. Either UPS or USPS will get a signature depending on the service that you use:

    - USPS is Priority Mail with insurance AND signature confirmation
    - UPS (I don't ship through this carrier, but someone else would know)

    If it goes through USPS and she's not home, they'll leave a notice and she'll have to come to the post office; if UPS and she's not home, they'll leave a notice that she can either pick it up at the closest carrier, or she can sign the slip and leave it for redelivery ( I believe that either of these UPS options is viewable online, but wait for someone who ships regularly with this carrier to say for sure.)

    If she wanted to have it delivered to her parents, you'd have to refund her, she'd then add their address (it doesn't need to be confirmed; it just needs to say "eligible" next to your seller protection), and then she would re-pay you and choose that address.
  15. That would work but once payment has been made, the shipping address can't be changed.

    If this is how you're going to do it, what you need to do is refund her full payment and have her repay but add the new (father's) shipping address to her PP. Then, once you receive payment with that address, you can ship there with s.c.