Signature Required?

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  1. I have bought at least a few items on ebay that were higher dollar, and never had this issue: on a current purchase it turns out they required signature confirmation. I absolutely can't get packages that require signature due to never being home when the mail comes, and not actually being near my post office/not open when I am home.

    I contacted the seller to let them know that I hadn't expected this, and I have no option but to leave the package at my post office. I stated I wasn't trying to be difficult, but that had I known I would not have purchased the bag.

    Can anything be the seller able to change that requirement or am I just stuck? And would I be able to get my money back on this sale if they can't? (if package is returned to sender, etc)

    I understand there are a lot of sellers here, and you may use this option, so I am not saying that is wrong--I have just never had this issue with any company or individual regardless of the cost of the item I was purchasing. Typically items are left at my door.
  2. Did you ontact your post office and see if they have a form that you can sign and leave for the mailman wherein you can waive your own signature at time of delivery? Fedex and UPS have these forms - USPS might, too, although I don't know.
  3. Did the listing state that they would ship with Sig Confirmation? If so, then you as buyer would have been responsible for noticing that.

    Regardless, the seller needs to send it that way for full Paypal/eBay protection on an item valued $250 or more. This is a well-known reality, even if you haven't had it yet on transactions.
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  5. If you're going to buy expensive items ($250+) on ebay, then you need to make time to pick them up at the post office where you can sign for them, need to set a time for home delivery when you can sign or choose not to buy online.

    Signature is required and it's unreasonable to ask a seller to ship without it.
  6. Thanks all. Given this has never been an issue with ebay purchases before, and that I am not an ebay seller, I had no idea that items over 250 were required to require signature. The previous items that I had purchased at that price were not ever shipped in that way. Now I know, and will avoid ebay. And in the meantime will see if there is some form that will allow delivery.

    I realize you are all well aware of the 250+ rule, but I had no idea. So, I can see why you all feel that way. I was coming into this as a new thing for me.
  7. Agree with what everyone else is saying about packages over $250 requiring signature. It looks really fishy if you ask the seller not to do that as there are so many scammers out there who can claim non-delivery. That being said, I just had this issue. Are you in the US? If so, below are your options

    If it ships via USPS as you indicated, sign the postcard that the mailman leaves in your mailbox and have a friend pick it up. Make sure you sign it and print your name. To be extra safe, you can write a note with your signature, and a pic of your driver's license and your friend's info and have your friend bring the slip and the letter to the PO. They should accept this (at least my post office did). Good Luck.
  8. eBay requires a signature for over $250, but I even require a signature for anything over $100. I figure that anything over $100 is something that I don't want to lose myself if the package doesn't make it to its destination.
  9. I'm not sure this is acceptable to ebay. (Post office won't GAS and they'll accept it.)

    For items of $250+, online viewable signature must be used. Signing a letter and giving a friend permission to pick up the package won't get the online signature.

    If the post office gives the package to a friend but doesn't have a scanned siggy, seller is SOL.
  10. Could you not get your parcels delivered to work instead - assuming that's where you are when your mail comes? Or pick it up on a weekend from the post office? Or have it redelivered and left with a neighbour/relative who could sign for it?

    It's very unreasonable to ignore the parcel at your post office, have it returned to sender and then expect a refund. As this doesn't happen to you very often then I'm sure you could spare a few minutes to resolve this.
  11. This.

    Just change your address on your PP account and then the Sellers will ship there instead of your home address. Easy peasy.
  12. Thanks for the suggestions. Since I have never had to pick up an item at the post office, it hasn't been an issue, so I wouldn't have thought to do a different address, etc. In this case, I am going to try to work with our mail carrier, but the seller is handling it well--stated she didn't realize the issue, and that if it was returned to her she would re-mail without the requirement. I will do my best to get it--I just don't have a ton of options. She stated she had been able to sign the card and still get a package like that, so I am going to give it a shot.
  13. You have a very obliging and trusting seller - there is no requirement for her to assist you with this in terms of reshipping and to reship without signature on a high value item - wow! I hope you're able to make every effort to arrange to receive your parcel before putting this lovely seller to more trouble. Let us know how you get on.
  14. I know that you weren't familiar with this requirement, but now that you are, please don't let the seller send the package back to you this way; it puts her at risk just because of your schedule (and I know your schedule is a legitimate hurdle).

    If you still want the item from the seller, and if it has to get returned to her, when it does, have her refund your money. Then add your work address to your PP account, and have her send you an invoice for the same item / $, but she'll be able to ship it to your work address.

    This might be a good set up for any future purchases too as a signature is a PP requirement, so people who sell on venues other than eBay will likely require a sig. also.

    I hope it works out that you can get your item! :smile:
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