signature pieces on sale - how much cheaper?

  1. I just got the 25% off and it only works for full priced COACH stores. I usually shop at the outlet so I don't have much signature pieces. I'm eyeing the New COACH ERGO SIGNATURE HOBO and SIGNATURE STRIPE REVERSIBLE TOTE I doubt I ever saw the stripe reversible at an outlet (I go to the Woodbury one) and doubt the ergo signature will go to an outlet. I'm a college freshman with a parttime job (which goes to my designer bags fund) so can't afford anything too expensive. Both bags are about $200 each after 25% off and before taxes. What do you expert COACH-ers think? good price? or does it go lower else where? TIA
  2. I have the Ergo and I am going to get the Sig Stripe (not the reversible one thought) this weekend. I think any discount, while not as GREAT as the outlet, is a good discount especially on Coach.

    I love my Ergo. It's very light and comfy. It holds more than I was expecting. So I feel I got a good deal.

    Hope that helps!
  3. I would also check your local Macy's for these. I saw the Med Black Tote, Hobo, and Khaki in both styles /all sizes on sale at one here in SoCal. The ones they have in are with darker trim, and new leather / belted styles.

    Keep calling the outlets - they may show up there also as the belted ones are the 'newer' style.