Signature perfume

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  1. I realised earlier this week that I had succeded in finding my new signature perfume. I was waiting at the doctors office and the secretary came in. She said she knew it was me, because she could smell it on my coat, which she just passed in the hallway

    I haven’t had a signature perfume since Armani Sensi, which I still use every december.

    My new one is YSL Black Opium
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  2. Oh wow, so Black Opium projects then. Are you still sticking with it?
    I don't have a signature but a few (more like 20) go to ones I change between depending on the weather.
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  3. Yes. I am wearingit less as the weather gets warmer now, though. I change between 6 different perfumes. Two of them I only wear in spring/summer.
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