Signature or Leather Legacy?

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  1. I bought the Legacy Hippie bag in signature and ebony and now I am questioning my decision. Should I have purchased the all leather instead? I don't want a black bag this time around, even though I mostly wear black and a lot of darker reds, so I figured the ebony trim would pull it together with my wardrobe.

    But I've heard a lot of people say the signature is trendy or that it is free advertising for Coach (which, I suppose, it is - just like the LV monogram) or that it is tacky. The last thing I want to do is spend $400 on a handbag and have it be considered dated or tacky!

    Should I exchange it for the leather one? Would a whiskey bag go with a black wardrobe? Will I regret not keeping the signature (I know no one else can answer that question - it is rhetorical)? What would you do?
  2. I always like the signature, but you're right.. it sometimes is a little over the top, and show-offy, "look at me" kinda brand bag (if you get what I mean ahha) I do love the latest legacy collection with the stripped interior, I think its really really cute, even though its not signature!
  3. I think that the signature is nice with the black trim. I have the whiskey and I wear mostly grey, blues, pinks, black, etc. I have never had anything this color and was so skeptical, I decided to go ahead and get it and try it on with all of my clothes to see if it would go or not. It goes with everything that I own. The only thing that it doesn't look 100% great with is this light lavendar colored shirt I have. That said, I think that the signature would go with ANYTHING. I don't think it is trendy at all. If it was there would be no signature styles. I know how you feel about making such a large purchase considering you only get to choose one bag, I think you have to go with your heart, but I honestly think you made a great choice. I know I am not helping, but I am trying to give pros to both colors. Maybe you could go in and try on the whiskey when you are wearing black? I think that nowadays there are no real rules like there used to be regarding your bag matching etc.
  4. I love the legacy leather. I am not as into the Coach signature as I once was, but its main advantage over leather is that it makes for a much more lightweight bag. But I still chose the leather for my satchel! It's gorgeous.
  5. Yes, I generally like the signature print better, but the leather is gorgeous as well. I find the leather bags heavier so i like the signature for that reason. But the leather one is beautiful. I bet People will know it's Coach even without the c's.
  6. I think the legacy signature bags with the black trim are just gorgeous, I saw one in a store over Thanksgiving and I almost slapped down the CC right then and there :drool: But alas, I had to buy jeans and a new pair of boots instead! But I love it, I think you made the right choice.
  7. I think the khaki Cs are classic in their own right, and I think either the whiskey leather or the signature/ebony will compliment any wardrobe wonderfully- they're both neutral!

    Go with what makes you happiest to look at - don't worry about what other's say because everyone's taste is different!

    Enjoy your bag!
  8. what about this limited legacy hippie


  9. I generally like the signature pieces better too. It depends on which bag really.
  10. I really like the signature with the ebony trim. I think it would look great with just about anything. Good choice!

  11. I like both but I usually like the signature more.
  12. I'm all about the signature, so I think you made a great choice.
  13. I think for the Hippie bag, the signature is probably a better choice, weight-wise. I didn't look that closely at the Hippies in the store, but it didn't seem like they had a very wide strap and so I imagine it might end up digging into your neck/shoulder if the bag is quite full. I sometimes have that problem with my duffle when I'm wearing it cross-body and I have it crammed with stuff. My leather Legacy shoulder bag is quite heavy even empty but because the strap is very wide, it distributes the weight evenly on my shoulder and so it doesn't even feel like I'm carrying it. But with the Hippie, I think it might be too uncomfortable.

    Anyway, that's a long-winded way of saying I think you made the right choice with the signature. However, if you are still wondering about whether the whiskey leather would go with black - yes! I wore mine yesterday with my black coat and it looked great. You could even hang a charm or keychain or something on it that has a bit of black in it just to pull it together a bit, if you're not sure.
  14. i prefer the leather. i think the legacy line in leather is very classic.