Signature Nail you have one? If so, what will/ should it be

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  1. Only one?:crybaby: That’s a really hard one! DS Glamour would be my pick, I think.
    FUN Lacquer - Vitamin Sea
    Enchanted - Charmed
    FUN Lacquer - Grape Soda
    FUN Lacquer - Flora
    Enchanted - Congratulations

    ...I’m sorry, but there’s too many to choose from! One signature polish is not enough. I don’t even have a signature brand!
  2. Dark colors are my signature! Black, dark red/purple/brown. I also wear red occasionally. I've come to the conclusion that these 'classic' colors look way better on me than something brighter/more adventurous. :P

    I usually wear Essie polishes. Among my favorites are Wicked, Licorice and Bordeaux. And I ALWAYS use the Essie Gel Couture Top Coat!
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  3. At the moment my two favorites are: Zola Pandora and OPI Big Apple Red
  4. Red is usually my go to from either Nailberry or Tom Ford
    (Les cerises de temps & smoke red)
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  5. I have two absolute favorite ones. I love these two to bits, have had them for years:
    MAC Rebel
    OPI Jade is the New Black
    c_RebelNailLacquerMAC3_thumb[2].jpg opi.jpg

    Gotta buy some new ones, these two are almost done for :smile:
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  6. Chanel Rose Cache
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  7. Wearing Chanel Rouge Puissant & adding to my red collections now
  8. OPI Pamplona Purple
    OPI Big Apple Red
    OPI Miami Beet
  9. YSL; Orchard Mile
    Illamasqua; Nail Varnish in Creator
    Illamasqua; Rare
    Nails inc. London; Gold fishnet magnetic polish
    Ciate London; Pearl nail polish set
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  10. I SO miss Illamasqua polish. :sad:
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  11. Oh no! I didn’t realize they dropped the polish line. One of my all-time fav polishes is Illamasqua Raindrops (the contest winner shade ~ blue gray with iridescent flecks). I always loved the company’s circus-esque, vibrant, creative products / packaging/ marketing. When they launched, I was so excited b/c a founder had worked in stage makeup.
  12. Mrs O’Leary’s BBQ. I just found two unopened bottles of it!
  13. I love Raindrops, too! And Baptiste. I use them both sparingly to save them. I think I still have Jan and Pink Raindrops (which isn't as good as the original). I had Scarab but I think I gave it to a friend. I always wanted Bacterium and Radium but never got my hands on them. :sad:
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  14. Which color is the YSL? I have never heard of it :smile: