Signature Nail you have one? If so, what will/ should it be

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  1. I love red nail polishes and have well over 15 of them in various shades of red. That being said, my favourite of all the reds are YSL Rouge Pop Art (BRIGHT red with a hint of tomato, I've never seen any red polishes quite like this) and China Glaze Ruby Pumps (red glitter).
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  2. My signature color is OPI You Don't Know Jacques
  3. I'm a shellac girl - I have one coat of beau and on top of that I have clearly pink. The result is a lovely sheer pink with minimal shimmer.
  4. My signature red for now is Les temps de cerises
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  5. For work it's Dior Lili :heart: Also Chanel's Secret is nice but not as opaque..
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  6. Right now I cant stop loving OPI "I cannoli wear OPI". It looks like a white in the bottle but on the nail its comes off as a pale pastel light blue.
  7. It used to be Bublebath by OPI but the color was changed, even though they claim that it wasn't, it is not a gel mani and pedi in this So Mod. Also like a lovely dusty pink by Louboutin bit then I have to do my nails and it doesn't last two weeks like the gel.

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  8. In the last year, I have finally found my signature colors.
    1) OPI beyond the pale pink - this is literally white with a drop of pink.
    2) OPI Coca Cola red.

    So, I have (1) on my fingers, then I apply (2) on my toes. I switch it up too. This combo of colors makes me most confident and comfortable.
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  9. ^^ Good choice. :smile: Funny, I've been thinking the whole day today to put OPI Coca Cola Red (after a really long time) on my finger nails this weekend :biggrin:
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  11. At the moment it's Ballet Slippers by Essie on both toes and hands. I find you need three coats for a solid colour but I like a slightly lighter coat on my fingers to show the natural tips through. :yes:
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  12. Chanel Pirate and Camelia are my go to shades!
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  13. Thanks! It took me a long time to find Coca Cola red (am in europe) so I really cherish this bright red!
  14. For the past few months it's been ILNP's Diablo. I can't get enough of it. :biggrin: It reminds me of Coca-Cola, but a slightly redder tinge to it. Love it so much. :heart:
  15. These two are my go-to shades. Butter London Tea with the Queen and OPI Dulce de Leche

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