Signature Multi Stripe

  1. I am in love with this new shoulder tote and accordion wallet. So.....I had to buy it! I will post pics when it comes.

    What are your feelings on it?


  2. I just bought the Signature Multi Stripe Demi. I LOVE IT! You will love the design!
  3. Cool! I am having it overnighted because we are leaving for a cruise on Saturday. Hope it gets here in time. It should, being I live in the Tampa Bay area and it's coming from JAX.

    Thanks again!
  4. OMG! It's stunning in person! I LOVE it. This is a new want. Congrats and have fun on your cruise.
  5. I loveeee it! It's so much cuter in person.
  6. I fell in love with it online. LOL! Glad to hear it looks great in person! I will post pics before I leave of it if I can. :supacool:
  7. I really like it!
  8. The multi-function tote is beautiful too. (It's like the diaper bag) Soooo hard to choose!
  9. now another reason to get to coach this weekend :yahoo:
  10. I saw this bag today, it looks so much better IRL. The Coach online photo doesn't do it justice. I think I'm going to buy this bag tomorrow:yes:
  11. The shoulder tote is my favorite piece in this line. I just think the whole thing looks really in proportion with the stripes. Love it!
  12. i love it... but havent seen it irl though! :smile:
  13. It's so cute IRL. Congrats!
  14. I wanna see what it really looks like.
    Please post pics =)
    Congrats on your purchase.
  15. It looks so cute i will have to go out soon and see one in real life.