Signature Multi Stripe Demi 10120!

  1. I have been dying for one of these! I was about to purchase one of these off of the Coach website when thay dissappeared!:cursing::crybaby:Has anybody seen any of these? Thanks so much!
  2. Try calling customer service. (Their number is in the FAQ thread at the top). I bet they have one for you! Also, have you tried your local Coach boutique or department store (Nordstrom, Macys)? They carry Coach too.
  3. the multi stripes went to the outlets. your best bet is to call around to the outlets.
  4. The multi-stripes didn't go to the outlets. Just the baskets did. The multi-stripes were consolidated to stores where they sold well. Calling JAX is your best bet.
  5. Yeah, call JAX. I don't know if your family is military, but I saw some at the Navy Exchange.
  6. I'm going to echo everyone else and say just to call JAX -- if they have one, you can just order it straight from them.
  7. that's right, I forgot. I was thinking they went to the factory stores.