Signature MJ bag?

  1. I would like opinions as to what bag is MJ's "signature"/most popular bag? I really, really like the Stam bag, but can't find many blogs about it. It is so great looking, and no other designer has made one quite like it. I see other bags being replicated so often. Also, is the lining in the Stam bags always suede? Please help.
  2. I think the Venetia is probably MJ's most iconic bag.
  3. If you're talking original Marc Jacobs, Stella was really the bag that started it all way back when. Coming in close second would be Sofia (which is named after Sofia Coppola, even though retailers frequently mislabel it "Sophia") and Venetia, IMO. For more modern-day Marc, it's the Stam, of course.

    (I should add that I'm saying this as somebody who's 41 :push: and has followed MJ for a long time; my first bigtime designer purchase many years ago was a black Stella. Wish I had held onto that now...)
  4. recently, the stam has been mj's most popular bag. it's been seen on the arms of many celebrities in countless magazines and it was granted the coveted "it bag" status alongside the chloe paddingon, ysl muse, etc.

    to me the signature bag would have to be the venetia with the stella coming in a close second. these bags have been the mainstay of his line for years now. had there been the level of tabloid frenzy then as there is presently, those bags would have had a lot more exposure like the stam.

    as a result, the stam has become the most recognizable mj bag, but imo it's not a classic like the venetia or stella. i can see it becoming a signature, more timeless style if people don't get sick of it due to its overexposure.

  5. I like that the venetia and stella haven't had that much exposure in comparison with the stam. I remember when everyone had to have a LV multicore speedy, and now I rarely see anyone carrying it. The venetia and stella were quiet phenomenons as opposed to the stam, which makes me consider them more timeless. Celebrities weren't snatching them up just to have the next it bag.
  6. definately the stam or venitia but i think the blake is up there too.
  7. my favorite is the blake but i think the stam is more popular
  8. I think the MJ Multipocket makes quite a statement! And is right up there with the other bags you speak of!:yes:
  9. I think anything in his classics line - Stella, Venetia, Sophia, Blake, and Multipocket - are pretty "signature". You can't go wrong with any of them.
  10. My vote still goes with the multipocket, it screams Marc Jacobs!!:woohoo::woohoo:
  11. Anything with those silver pushlocks screams Signature MJ to me. Stella IMO is the most iconic... venetia too.

    Stam isn't really a signature bag... I consider it to be an "it" bag.. but not an it bag of this moment (at least, not anymore, it had quite a long run though) It was popular nonetheless...
  12. Multipocket seems pretty signature, with the pockets and pushlocks...I agree that the Stam in more of an "it" bag (and a gorgeous one at that!!)