Signature Metallic Shopper Tote

  1. Does anyone have this style #7069 shopper tote that is metallic? It is from 2004 and came in tan, purple, and green.

    I was wondering if the straps are too small to go over the shoulder and if the leather is really too metallic looking.

    What are your opinions of this bag? Would this be a good bag for work and school? I don't want to be too flashy while I am working at the hospital.

    Any thoughts on what color you think would be better?

  2. I remember seeing this at the outlets last summer and the metallic trim is very bright, I think the pink is brighter than the green.

    I think I would opt for a bag like this for work/school it still has metallic but it looks more appropriate if you are using it for work also:
  3. Thanks for the input. They do not look too bright in the pictures, so thanks for letting me know they are IRL.

    Too bad the price was so great.