Signature Links

  1. Not sure if this is the right place to post but can anyone tell me what I need to do/type to change my sig to show a word or phase to click that will take you to another thread. For example my signature currently says
    Check out Spring Summer 2007 The summary http:/purseblog blah blah blah

    I want it to say "Check out the Spring Summer 2007 Summary" and by clicking this you'll be at the right page.

  2. What you need to do is highlight the text and click on the tab in the message box that looks like a world with a link chain... then you can place the link to the thread.

    Tell me if that helps!
  3. Like here:
  4. Hope this helps- try it out in this thread!
  5. YAY MEGS thank you that was so easy I've been sitting here trying looking up html codes and trying them but they didn't work. but that was like 100 x easier to do.

    Thanks again you're a superstar!!
  6. Sure! Glad I could help!!!
  7. Thanks! That was bugging me too, I know the html code, and I couldn't figure out why it wasn'y working!