Signature Legacy Swingpack Available @ JAX!

  1. Hi all,

    Last week, there was a string about the Legacy Sig Swingpacks selling out quickly. Well, I just randomly called JAX to see if they had any available since I'll be going to Disney World next month and the current swinpacks are just too small for me. Although all of the leather ones (#40712) were sold out, they did have some of the signature ones available (#40725) in brown/brass and black/khaki. I ordered a brown/brass one and can't wait to get it! Hopefully some tPF members that wanted this swingpack can get them through JAX!

  2. very cute, congrats! :tup:
  3. Thanks for the head up. :yes:Thats great news! I'm the one who posted the earlier thread....I'm searching for a leather one...BUT.....I may just get a siggy since you can still order from JAX! Thanks again for this post. Did they happen to say how many are left? I might wait till next PCE if thats possible.
  4. They said that there were 5 left in the brown and only 2 showing in the khaki/black. For the khaki/black, they couldn't guarantee the availability until it shipped. That struck me as odd, but she said when the system shows that inventory is that low, they have to verify that it's actually still available. I think the brown has a brown strap and the black/khaki has a lighter one, so I preferred the brown one for myself.