Signature Jewelry Pouch

  1. I was at the Boutique at Woodfield Mall and I saw an adorable pink wristlet like item. I looked further and it said "jewelry pouch". It was so freakin' cute though! I wouldn't use it for jewelry of course lol, but I want one now!:graucho: It's like a wristlet with different compartments! There is a gold one on eBay, but I don't like it.

    Style # - 60267 $148

    I love the white/silvery one!:yes:



  2. I saw this one yesterday too, and thought "PCE!!!!!!"
  3. Oooh this seems like it could make a cute wallet-y type item. Is it super huge in real life?
  4. I have been looking at these too and seem to be drawn to the pink one which is like a patent trim. I was thinking wallet too but I need something that will organize my cards. My biggest problem with my wristlet as a wallet is that I am never ready or organized.
  5. I saw it yesterday- it's not huge...looks like a larger wristlet....really cute!
  6. I have the jewelry pouch in brown patent and use it as a wallet. The pockets are great in organizing bills and coins. I use the front pocket for receipts. For my cards, I just put them in those long plastic credit card holders and slipped it through that long suede strip that is supposed to hold rings on the inside of the pouch. It works great!
  7. Hmm...I do need a jewelry pouch for all those overnight shopping trips to outlet malls!:graucho:
  8. I have this in the pink leather with orange trim. It came out before these signature ones did. I haven't used it yet, but it's really cute. Heres a pic:
  9. I have been eying these little cases too! I think they would work like a wristlet.
  10. that would be a great organizer for little things in your purse!