Signature Headband?


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Sep 1, 2007
I was just wondering is this a headband or just a scarf tied up looking like a really cute headband? If this is just a scarf would anyone know how to tie it into that cute bow just like the picture? These are pics from the sample perfumes and a little coach catalog i got from the SA. I didn't have a scanner so I just took pictures of it with my digi cam. Also I took a pic of the model wearing what i thought was a dress but I looked closer it was a long skirt. Would any of you wear this if it wear made into a cute dress? I definately would, but that's just me :P



What the Coachers??
Aug 17, 2007
I love that scarf, but I think I read here that it was used in the shoot after it sold out, so I don't think it's avail either way. I think it was tied that way onto her head. That skirt would be way toooooo long for me to wear! And the sig really wouldn't be too flattering on me. That satchel, on the other hand...


Sep 10, 2007
I remember reading that someone on the forum had that headband, i think on orange. so it wasnt tied that way, i think its an actual headband. no idea how to get one though!
Jun 18, 2007
hmmm... I saw something really similar to that at the outlet this weekend- about twice as thick, long, with pointed ends. Came in red, blue, and black. The print is the same, and it looks like it could be tied like that. I actually had trouble figuring out what it was supposed to be because it def wasn't shaped like a ponytail scarf and it wasn't a neck scarf either.