Signature fabric is resiliant!!!

  1. I carry a signature soho mini sig flap bag (black/white with matching wallet) from at least 2 years ago. I LOVE the bag-everything fits just right in it! Well, earlier I accidently spilled an entire can of Mt. Dew all over it!!!:crybaby: The drink was sitting on the end table, my purse was on the floor and thats what happened. Well, anyway 30 minutes later my purse was dry and you cannot tell anything EVER happened to it!!! I was thrilled- I thought for sure that the fabric would be darker or SOMETHING!!! What a relief!!!
  2. That's awesome! I would have freaked out.
  3. Wow! That's fabulous! Glad it's OK!
  4. Once I was at a birthday party and girl that was there had a glass of red wine spilt all over her signature tote. It was such a mess and I felt so bad for her. About 20 minutes later I was walking past the bathroom and I saw her washing the bag with SHAMPOO! my heart dropped and I said to her that washing the bag with shampoo was probably not the greatest idea.. but she said ohh no I do this all the time. A few months later I saw her at another get together with the same handbag and it look good as new! I coudn't believe it. Now washing my handbags with shampoo is not something I think I will try..
  5. jenniferelaine, glad your bag is ok!
  6. I spilled orange Fanta on one of my pink coach bags and I wanted to cry, when I noticed no stain. I love it. The signature is protected with something.
  7. The other day I carried one of my signature bags to Disney world becuase it was so light weight and it had one heck of a day. First I accidentally kicked it across the pavement when I dropped it while I was walking. Then a lady's lemonade splashed on it when she spilled. Next, it got sprayed with water. Later, I dribbled soda on it. Then, it fell into a flower bed while I was sitting on the edge. Finally, at dinner I dropped food on it. It took all of this like a champ and still looks brand new. I am usually very protective of my bags, but that day everything that could happen to it did!!!!!!!! Moral of the story: I finally have an answer for all those people who tell me I am nuts to spend so much on bags!!!! What other bag could take such a beating :smile:
  8. What other bag could take such a beating :smile:

    I agree!!! I couldn't believe that it showed nothing!! Even after it dried the leather looked fine!! And thats amazing about the colored drinks!! If a bag doesn't show a color stain, wow! I'm a customer for life!!!!:wlae:
  9. Glad it's okay!! The sig. fabric is coated with something which is great. Now I really really want a Mt. Dew.....
  10. It's pretty tough and easy to clean IMO. :yes: I have no problems taking my signature fabric bags (except for the white one) anytime, anywhere.

  11. that survial story is amazing! I am glad to know that the signature fabric can withstand so much.
  12. that god that lovely jaquard is stain and water repellent! i would just have to roll over and DIE if they weren't so lovely and durable! for the price, i don't think you can get a better designer bag. (go up in price a bit, and i start changing my mind...)
  13. Thats amazing! WOOHOOO! Oh and Yay for Mt.Dew...thats my FAV! lol
  14. Jeez this just reminded me of an incident a few years ago when DH dumped beer in my Coach purse by mistake!!! It slipped out of his hand by mistake...Oh I went bollistic..I dumped my purse on the spot and quickly dried everything..I let it air out and sprayed febreeze on it and it was fine...Cripe that was a disaster..In the heat of the moment I slapped some choice words on DH and then he was mad at me!! LOL !! I CAN laugh at that NOW..but at that moment? Whoa!! Now DH of course knows how anal I am and pretty much accepts it..I totally ignore the 'rolling of the eyes' when I ask him to hold my purse and not set it down anywhere!! Boy I'd like to say 'thanx for the memory' but I'm not sure>>>ha-ha!!! :heart: Emmy