Signature fabric in rain??

  1. Hi, for all the ladies in the north west, I am heading to Vancouver for a couple of weeks. I know there is a lot rain at the moment, will the signature fabric hold up well in the rain??
  2. I've never had a problem with my signature getting rained on.
  3. I believe the fabric is treated. Not that you should regularly soak it, but I think it is designed to withstand normal wear in occasional rain.
  4. I take mine out in the rain all the time, I just don't take out the ones w/ the vachetta leather. I did once & regret it:shame: Oh well I learned my lesson.
  5. I use mine when it's raining (or snowing), all the time. No problems :o)
  6. Hey Bagsessed,

    I'm in Vancouver and I haven't had any problem with my signature bags in the rain - and we've had A LOT of it over the last little while.

    Have fun during your visit here! It's a beautiful city even in the middle of rainy, dark November. This is probably the worst month of the year in Vancouver. Are you coming for business or pleasure?

    PS - if you're planning on doing any Coach shopping while you're here, there are two downtown (Georgia and Burrard) and one at Oakridge Centre mall. Holt Renfrew downtown also carries Coach.
  7. Thanks for all the help everybody. Sialia, my in-laws live in Vancouver so I visit there often. We visit about two times a year, once in november/december and than usually the summer. I love the mountains and scenery, we don't have that in Toronto. But the rain can be much. I can't wait to use my new carry all.
  8. I take it out too. No fear!
  9. Enjoy your visit (and your carry-all)!
  10. I've never had a problem with my signature fabric getting a little wet in the rain.
  11. I used my mini signature bag in BC weather all the problems!
  12. i use mine and it has not been a prob.