Signature fabric crossbody or pebbled leather???

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  1. Hello fellow TPFer's I was at the outlet over the weekend and saw some nice small crossbody bags but I can't decide on the fabric (lightweight) signature black with patent trim, the metallic taupe smooth leather, or the blk pebbled leather with a front pocket with turnlock (heavier but durable). Both cost $79. What would u do? Help! :smile:
  2. Pebbled black leather! But I am not a fan of the fabric bags. Good luck on your decision! Great price!
  3. Definitely leather.

    I generally prefer leather anyway, but those bags, to me, are the ones you use when you are going out and they take some abuse.

    I have leather ones that have lasted for years and they still look great. I like the metallic one you are referring to, by the way. It isn't a fragile kind of metallic.
  4. leather! =)
  5. I am going to be odd man out and say the crossbody. I am not a fan of the leather bags unless it is legacy leather. I know, I sound stuck up, but you can't beat that leather and so I choose to go signature and I am ALWAYS partial to a crossbody bag. Have 4 kids, I have to be handsfree.

    Good luck in your choice!
  6. i don't like signature fabric at all, so i vote for leather.
  7. I prefer my Pebbled black leather penelope crossbody.
  8. Leather! A bag like this may get some hard use and one wouldn't want to baby it while out and about, so it needs to be durable and easy to wipe clean. Oh and by the way some of these bags have the cloth like strap, which will show the dirt really easily, so I'd make sure there was a leather strap also, or at least a dark colored strap.
  9. Leather