Signature Ergo Tote... pics...

  1. I'm sure pics of this bag have already been posted in other threads, but I was just wondering if perhaps those of you that own the Sig Ergo tote could please post pics of your wearing the bag. I'm thinking about purchasing one... it looks beautiful in pics that I've seen of it alone, but I would really like to see how it looks on a human... lol.

    Thanks ladies!

  2. it's the pilot one, but you get the idea...


  3. ^ do you think that bag is a bit much for a 17 yr old? My nieces adore coach (13 and 17) and I am the only person in the family that buys it for them. My oldest niece starts senior yr of highschool next yr and wants a 'mature' bag-her terms. Would you consider this too much for a 17 yr old?
  4. nah- i think it's a good one. but maybe, at 17, she might want a little bit more color? what about a carly or a gallery tote?
  5. I will agree that at 17 she may want more color.
  6. even at 21, i want some color! lol. i think she wants a mature bag- but she's still young and she should reflect that, too!
  7. i think charms can add a lot of color, i usually have 3 on a bag at a time...but sometimes i need more color (and i too am 21)
  8. i'm not a charm person, necessarily. but i love adding a ponytail scarf!
  9. i used to add pony tail scarves on my bags but then i decided i wanted to wear them instead. getting dressed for me also involves dressing my bag!
  10. i always look like such a loser in scarves, lol. i'm just not one of those people that can pull off the look of them!