signature duffle?

  1. Anyone have pictures of the signature duffle that was made like 2 years ago? I don't want the leather ones just the regular...Anyone know where I might find one?
  2. Do you mean the e/w soft duffle? If so then you can still get the khaki and vachetta through Coach by calling them. They also still have the Punch color, hot pink. Those are the only colors the have available and they are $248. If that is not the one, then disregard.
  3. [​IMG]

    like this? Try ebay for it, it may not be in the outlets.
  4. YES! :yes: Any ideas where I can get it in black?
  5. The outlet in Las Vegas had them in black. I got my blue one for $95 there.
    Coach Collection 004.jpg

  6. awww I don't have any outlets near me :crybaby: Is the bottom suede? If so wasn't there one with just the regular material? (not with the leather or suede on the bottom?)
  7. My blue one has suede on the bottom, but the black ones in Vegas had black leather on the bottom...I think they were a bit more expensive too...
  8. darn! *sigh* Is there really a difference between past years models of the bag and this years? I didn't see any...
  9. I just bought that exact large sig duffle, in black, off of ebay about a week ago. With shipping I paid $115. and it was in excellent condition, so I think I got a good deal.

    You need to watch out for them on ebay, if you watch some of the auctions you could probably easily get one for under $130.

    I'm like you, no outlets around me, there's one about 1 1/2 hours from me, but they don't carry signature stuff (which is all that I have in my collection so far)

    Good luck in trying to find one.
  10. Also I don't think they came in all signature fabric.

    The one I have is black signature fabric, with a leather strap and a leather bottom.

    Sorry sweetie but I don't think they made it w/o either suede or leather.
  11. Thanks ;) Guess I should start ebay hunting :yucky: :lol:
  12. Best of Luck to You :yahoo: :yes:
  13. thank you! :supacool:
  14. :cursing: all they have so far are the small c's and they're out of my price range *sigh* I want big C's :cursing: :cursing: :cursing:
  15. This is what mine looks like. I believe this was out last Christmas.