Signature demi zip owners:

  1. What fits inside? I'm normally a monstrous-bag toting kind of girl, but these are so darn cute I'm seriously considering it as a fun little bag for going out with my mom, shopping, dates with the bf, etc...but while I can (painfully) forgo bringing my entire life with me, I still need to bring the necessities - blackberry, mini skinny, keys, lip balm, you think that'll all fit? Width and height wise it looks okay but I know that it's only 1" deep.

    ssssooooo...if any of you lovely ladies have any pictures of yourselves wearing the demi zip, or what it can possibly hold, I would be oh so very grateful!
  2. You mean this one? I'm able to fit two sets of keys, a few lipsticks and a mini wallet--all the basics, if nothing more.
  3. Hah! Finecabernet - that's funny, that was actually my very first Coach bag! But no, I'm referring to this one,, the Signature Stripe Demi (I think that one is just the Signature Demi Pouch). They're probably similar in size, but I've never looked at the sig stripe in person, so I'd like to see what others have discovered with it. Thanks for your help!
  4. I have pics of me modeling the punch stripe demi in the runway thread. I can fit quite a bit - keys, phone, couple lipglosses, mini skinny, etc...