Signature bags ... what do you feel about them?

  1. Greetings, ladies and gents,

    Someone started a topic when I got together with friends, it was about signature bags, is it a fashion thing, a statement, personal choice, etc?

    I myself owns a Coach black signature carryall, a nice roomy bag to hold a bunch of items for work. However, I'm not sure if I'll get another signature bag again from any designer, because seeing so many of them around ...

    Just curious of your thoughts about this? Not necessary a particular brand but in general ...

  2. I tend to steer clear of signature bags. I don't like my stuff to scream logo. But sometimes I make an exception if I really like the bag. Like my LV's. I prefer Damier or Epi over the Monogram. But my LAMB bags, their signature is more subtle and I've never seen anyone else in my area with them so they're ok!
  3. I've given up logos a while back on bags (I still carry around LV accessories though). I don't like my bag bringing attention to itself that much.
  4. I think it depends on the bag, I have a few signature and few not. It's personal taste.
  5. Not for me, I just don't like them, they're not 'me'. I'm quite quirky looking and just don't suit that style.
  6. I don't mind logo bags on other people, esp. LV and Gucci, but for myself I am tending towards more understated bags these days. I still wear LV monogram sometimes but I feel kinda conspicuous! :shame:
  7. My still use to be all about what was recognizable (like my LV speedy) but now I like something more understanded.
  8. I'm against logos, I think they are tacky. I love luxury bags, and I will pay more money if they are not immediately identified by 16 year olds in a flash.
    The greatest compliment is to hear "wow great bag! where did you get it from?"
    I pay attention in the quality of leather, craftsmanship, history of the company, value in depth of time, style, and of course ergonomics, that [SIZE=-1]is the science of refining the design of products to optimize them for human use[/SIZE]. After all, bags are for everyday use, not just sitting in the closet.
  9. For me it really depends on the bag. I don't get a bag just because it screams designer. I tend to shy away from bags that everyone else has unless it's a classic like a chanel flap. My LV monogram bags tend to be just a bit different like the LE panda or MOCA. That way I don't run into another one on every corner. Some bags really rock the signature looks though.
  10. I like monogram on other people but don't like to carry it myself. I gravitate toward leather and other bags that are gorgeous and distinctive but can't easily be placed by other people.
  11. Not really my style - not that I don't think some look great, I just personally prefer yummy, soft leather to canvas, etc. Though I have to say that I have seen some really cute Coach bags recently!
  12. I have some that are monogram and some that aren't. I love all my bags and I buy depending on the style. I feel my monograms are less dressy and look great with a t-shirt and blue jeans while my leather bags are much more refined.
  13. I have some that are and some that are not. However, while monograms might be easily identifiable to the general public, many other characteristics of high-end bags are also easily identifiable to many people. The Chanel C's, damier canvas, Chloe padlocks and other things are just as effective at conveying the designer and status of a certain bags as monograms are, so it is sometimes a bit disingenuous to claim that one doesn't want a bag that's easily identified.
  14. i have quite a bhit of mono and love it! sometimes it adds something to a bag that can otherwise look plain (ie carly)
  15. I thought i really disliked bags with a monogram pattern and would never buy one, but i just bought a LAMB bag that has it. Then again, it's much more subtle. I guess it just depends on what it is and how obvious it is when you look at the bag for me. :shrugs: