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  1. Surprised there isn't a thread for this already. I got an email for early access. Did anyone else? Is anyone buying? There are less than 100 of each design.
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  2. Just checked, I got one too. Wished they offered leather too, I don't do coated canvas.
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  3. No email. What are the items?
  4. I love the little cherry basket illustration, but signature isn't for me.

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  5. I didn't receive an email.
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  7. Doesn't for me either.
  8. You spend way more at Coach than I do! They should have sent you an invite.
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  9. I think this is cute. I'm not getting anything as I'm not a fan of signature.

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  10. There is a Cassie.

    Attached Files:

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  11. They have just been busy tempting me with 10% off emails lately lol
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  12. Those are better! I didn't get any.
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  13. Sent you a PM.
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  14. I received the email yesterday, looked at the items but didn't see anything that wowed me. I was glad about that. lol
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