signature ali

  1. my nearby outlet has signature ali in black and it is for $215 after 20% off and an additional 10%. do u think i should grab that bag? those of u who have this bag what do u think of it since i haven't seen it IRL. ANY THOUGHTS?
  2. So is that $215 after ALL discounts? If so, that is a good deal, but the all leather ones are going for that same price.. so I was thinking it should be less. The ali is a great bag though! :tup:
  3. yeah its $215 after all the discounts. the leather ones are sold out and now they got the signature shipments.
  4. Signature has its own beauty.. if you really like the Ali style, I say go for it:graucho:
  5. That is still a great price, but since the signature is less than the leather I wonder why it is the same :confused1: Anyway, it's just personal preference.. ali is one bag I definately prefer in leather but the siggy will be lighter and is still pretty! If you get one, post pics!! :p
  6. I have it - lOVE it! I am 5'3"
    Ali2.jpg redo3590.JPG
  7. You wear it beautifully :tup:

  8. thanks gettinpurseonal for the looks really nice on u.i think i should get it before this too is sold out.
  9. get it.. you can always return/sell it if you change your mind. :yes:
  10. If you really want it, I would go for it. Don't just get it for the price though.
  11. I would defintitely get it, It is a beautiful bag
  12. Darn it! Here we go again, just when i thought "ok...I am content" I got the Legacy hippie, Ali, and Mandy...they have to now bring out more sig bags at the outlet can a justify this one to my dh! :devil:
  13. now i can't make up my mind whether to get the signature ali in black or the signature gallery tote in black. i am getting dizzy.
  14. I'm a signature whore ( just makes me smile...) so I would vote yes!

    and wouldn't the signature fabric be a bit lighter (weight-wise) then the leather?

    I would LOVE a Suede Plum Ali...lost out on one on they are going crazy 'spensive.
  15. I would love an ali in signature with white trim, that would be a lovely bag that I would most likely wear all summer long, however, i don't think it exists.