Sign-up here for the Mixed Polish Swap Box circa Summer 2016

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  1. Sign ups will be held through Saturday, May 28th. The box should ship sometime during the first week of June. If interested, please reply to this thread or shoot me a PM.

    The Rules:

    • You must reside in the U.S., have a minimum of 200 posts, and be an active member in the Beauty and Makeup forum. If you have less than 200 posts, but have successfully participated in another tPF beauty forum swap or exchange, you may be eligible to participate; just PM me to discuss.
    • You must be able to access and edit a google spreadsheet document. If you have not done this before, please let me know so I can help you figure it out.

    The Polish
    • You MUST replace each polish that you take with one of your own polishes.
    • Polishes will be exchanged based on a tier system based on retail value of each polish.
    Tier 1: Freebies (typically polishes that retail for under $6.00)
    Tier 2: Minis of a Tier 3 brand polish (if these were full size, they would fall under Tier 3)
    Tier 3: $6.00 - $10.75 (including Julep)
    Tier 4: $11.00 - $15.75
    Tier 5: $16.00 and up

    How the tier system works: If you select a polish from Tier 3, you must replace the polish with one of your own that falls into the Tier 3 category or higher. You do not have to add in a polish from a higher tier, but you cannot replace it with a polish from a lower tier.
    • Two minis from Tier 2 may be exchanged for one polish from Tier 3 and vice versa. Minis that fall under other Tiers may be swapped using the normal swap rules.
    • All polishes must be 75% or more full.
    • Please add in only polishes that you would want to receive yourself. Do not include old polishes with goopy or runny formulas. Use your best judgment when choosing what polishes to include in the box.
    • Duplicates are capped at one full size and one mini at any given point. If there is already one of each, please hold your duplicate donation for a future round.
    • Please be mindful of the colors and finishes currently in the box compared with what you add in. If you take out only colorful creams and replace with only nudes, pinks, and glitters in clear bases, it decreases the variety for the next person.
    • A maximum of 25 polishes may be exchanged per person. There is no minimum.
    • Freebies: Please take as many as you like. These do not require a like-for-like exchange. Please limit the addition of freebies to 2 per person, as space allows.
    • Extra donations are welcome, so long as there is space in the box to include them. If they won't fit and you really want to donate to the box, please PM vtfroggie to discuss options.
    • Please replace bubble wrap on any polishes and replace the box as necessary . Also be sure to pack the box with care. Though bottle breakage is sometimes inevitable given the way the USPS handles these boxes, if a large number of polishes are broken during a single shipment as a result of a poor packing job, the shipper may be responsible for replacing the damaged items.

    • When you receive the box, please remove any items that you donated during Round 11 or before. If your polish has made it this far without being selected, it’s time for it to go. We love all of our polishes but some won't work for everyone.
    • There will be stickers in the box; please put your tPF username on a sticker and put it on the polishes that you add to the box.
    • You are responsible for logging the polishes that you select and remove from the inventory list.
    • When you receive the box, please also take inventory of all of the polishes, ensuring that they are marked correctly, in good condition, and that nothing is missing. If a polish goes missing in between participants and you fail to take inventory, you may be held responsible for the missing polish, which could affect your participation in future rounds. Please PM me if you note a problem when you receive and/or inventory the box.

    Shipping and Thread Participation
    • When your name is coming up on the list, please PM your address to the person before you. This means you’ll have to make sure that you are checking the reveal thread regularly so that you know when your name is getting close. If you go missing during the time that your name comes up, you may be skipped.
    • Each participant must actively post in the thread while the exchange is going on. The main purpose of swapping polishes is to create excitement and conversation among the group. If you sign up for the exchange and don’t participate in the thread, you may skipped.
    • You must post pictures of the polishes that you choose in the reveal thread. Please post the names of the polishes and name of tPFer who donated it. Swatches and photos of manis are also appreciated!
    • The box MUST be reshipped within a week receiving it (obviously quicker is better, but we all get busy). If issues come up that cannot be avoided, please PM me.
  2. Please note a couple of changes compared with last rounds:

    1) I've taken away Tier 6, which was intended for Julep brand polishes. Julep polishes will now fall under Tier 3, as most of us are able to take advantage of the maven boxes, sales, and pricing. If Juleps begin to take over the box again without being selected, as they have in the past, we may ban them from future rounds. We'll see how it goes...

    2) I've increased the turn-around time to 1 week, based on discussions with past participants. There are a lot of polishes to go through and inventory, which takes time. If you can get the box turned around quicker, that's awesome; if not, at least you now have a week to get it done.

    3) I have not yet gone through the indie polishes that Tgirl sent from the Indie Box. Once I am able to inventory those and figure out what indies are in the current mixed polish box, I may add additional tiers specific to indies. I'll let you all know before the round starts.

    When you sign up, please indicate your preference for a medium vs. large flat rate box. In the past we've used a medium, but there is certainly enough polish to fill a large if there is interest. Also, I have a number of nail art items from a previous round, please also indicate whether you'd like to see nail art items in this round. We'll go with the majority on both and I will let everyone know the final decision before shipping, just in case it affects anyone's participation.

    As always, if you have other suggestions for making this round even better, please share them. I'm always open to ideas!!
  3. I'm in. Prefer medium.
  4. I would love to participate this round and have tons of great brands to share with you!!! Excited. I will be on Vacation June 18-24 though so if that is an issue LMK. Early in the lineup might work best?
  5. Tgirl25's post reminded me that I will be away from home June 7-16.
  6. 2016 :smile:
  7. Bwhahaha, you are so right. I don't even know how I came up with 2015!!!
  8. So we've got:


    Who else is interested in joining?? If you're reading this, you know you want to!!!
  9. I'm in.

    I'm good with medium or large and nail art if there is room
  10. I would love to do this! Sounds fun.
  11. I'm in. I have a bag of Juleps to put back in dun dun dunnnn!
  12. I'm in! However, we are moving end of June so I'm hoping I can be closer to the front if possible as I know I will be too crazy busy after that to sit down. My family and I are joining all of you on the big mainland. Yep, we are leaving our beloved Hawaii, at least for 3-4 years, and moving to California. I'm happy it won't be such a big shock weather wise. I'm kind of excited for a new adventure as I've been here almost 40 years.
    Let me know if that will work with the schedule. Aloha for now!
  13. Wow thats a big move!!
  14. Yes, it is. I'm scared yet excited. I've been here so long that I know where everything is and feel safe on my little island. But I'm lookin forward to some cooler weather in the winter and some new adventures!
  15. Updated list

    ArtieMD (away June 7-16)
    Tgirl (away June 18-24)
    Kailuagal (moving end of June)

    Looks like we've got a nice group coming together. There's still time to sign up if anyone else is thinking of joining in!