Sign up for Valentines Day LV RAOK.

  1. Hi all,
    I'm organising a Valentines Day LV RAOK with help from twiggers. :smile: What is RAOK? It stands for Random Act Of Kindess.

    Sign up from: 20/01
    /08 – 26/01/08
    Notification of who your buddy is: 27
    /01/08Presents MUST reach your buddy before Valentines' Day.

    We will be using elfster to perform the draw.

    1. You must have at least 500 posts and a contributing member of the Louis Vuitton
    board with at least 1 post a day on the forum.

    2. If you participated in
    RAOK before and did NOT mail out a gift to your buddy on time or AT ALL, you will NOT be allowed to participate.

    3. You are required to post photos of every gift received within 3 days of receiving it. If you can’t get pics up ASAP, at least post a note on the thread to let your buddy know that you've received the gift.

    4. I'll like to suggest a limit of $50 for this RAOK if you want to spend over the limit, you may do so

    5. Tracking must be provided. ( If not, posting slip will do too )

    Please kindly pm me with the following information:

    Name: (It can be your screen name but just make sure that you'll be able to receive the gift )
    Email address:
    If you're able to ship overseas or just within the country:
    If you're able to be an angel to send out stuffs when any of the participant didnt receive their gift:

    I think thats all for now. :smile: Please pm if you're interested. Thanks! :heart::yes:
  2. Can any mod sticky this please. Thanks!
  3. ^^^ Done! :tup:
  4. Yeah, Thanks for helping out Twiggers, inluvwithvuitt! PMing you :yes:
  5. Thank-you both for organizing this. This will be my first RAOK. Can't wait :smile:
  6. Whoo hoo!! I LOVE RAOK!!!
  7. Join us :smile: It will be just for Valentines.
  8. Now that the search function is back, I'll be starting another thread in the upcoming week for a longer full-blown Spring RAOK!
  9. ohh, it's back? Finally. :biggrin: naomi, joining us for vday raok? :smile:
  10. So...will it be a Valentine's RAOK or spring? :smile:
  11. This is just for vday. :smile:

    Spring's will start on march.
  12. Awww…I would looove to join but unfortunately I cannot since I don’t have 500 posts yet. Hopefully by next Vday I’ll be qualified to do so! Have fun to all you guys!!!
  13. I won't be joining sorry. I'm trying to pay off CCs so this is an extraneous expense I can't do! I'll be checking the thread though!
  14. i am IN...:tup:
  15. How cute. Too bad I don't have 500 post. Maybe next RAOK. :smile: