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  1. And here's my twiggy collection.



    Apple green mini twiggy...




    Emerald green...







  2. Here is my baby, bubblegum pink 05 :heart:

  3. My vey much loved 05 Calcaire Twiggy :heart:
    Calcaire twiggy with Luci's flowers.JPG
  4. [​IMG]

    ^^^ 2006 Inky Twiggy


    ^^^ 2006 Cornflower Twiggy
  5. Count me in! :nuts: [​IMG]

    '05 Caramel :heart: '05 Teal :heart: '06 Truffle! :heart:
  6. Here are my girls:

    04FW Eggplant Twiggy


    04 Holiday Pewter Mini Twiggy

  7. Awwww.....gorgeous Twiggys, ladies! Well, F&G has the same ones I have, but let me post mine, anyway --

    06 Sapin (when she first arrived, as worn by my daughter)

    07 Sandstone
  8. Here's my anthracite twiggy!!!
  9. Here is my Orange Mini Twiggy

  10. here's another one:
  11. Count me in! :nuts:

    '05 Caramel :heart: '05 Teal :heart: '06 Truffle! :heart:
  12. :drool:
  13. I LOVE the twiggy! Here are my two, Sandstone 07 and Black 05
    twig 011.jpg

    blk 002.jpg

    (I wish I knew how to make them larger!)
  14. thanks, it's TRUE LOVE!!!