Sign of authenticity??


Jan 6, 2006
I just have a question in general and I couldn't find an answer to it not even at ateliernaff.
Do all b-bags have a leather strip within the pockets in the colour of the bag? I noticed that my 2006 city has it in the inside pocket and the outside pocket is made half leather and cloth. I know that all the newer models have it but what's about the older ones. Could you ladies please check your b-bags (all models) especially the older bags for the leather strips?
Thanks ladies!!
If you mean the front zipper compartment... my 2004 bags do not have the half cloth/half leather backing.. it's all cloth. My Fall 2005 bag does though (if I remember correctly). When I get home, I can double check.

Working on the weekend sucks. :sad:
Thank you girls, now I learned something new. I thought so that the older bags don't have the leather in the zipped compartement and the newer ones do.