Sightings of Timeless Clutch in black at NM?

  1. I prefer the lambskin but I am ok with caviar also.
  2. Call Lisa Hamlin at NM at (248) 635-8442 and she'll hook you up when they get a shipment in! ;)
  3. NM in Fashion Island did check and they have one available in their warehouse.
  4. theres a black perfo at the nm in vegas!
  5. Thanks everyone. I was misinformed by a NM SA and I am on the waitlist for a black lambskin clutch. Another SA ( not my normal SA ) told me only the perfo clutch was coming out for S/S 07 which was incorrect info.
  6. The NM in Atlanta had both the black and the white timeless when I went in today. -a