Sightings of blue Soft and Chain flap??

  1. If anyone sees or returns the ever so popular blue soft and chain flap seen on Jessica Alba, please send me a PM! I found the chain too heavy on the hobo version but this color is just too beautiful to pass up! I've been having my SAs search for me, but no luck so far. Any help would be appreciated, thanks so much! :flowers:
  2. Thanks. I've been watching that one. Retail is $2125 so it is definitely marked up. If anyone sees one at any NM stores, that would be great as well!
  3. Anybody else? :crybaby:
  4. Since that listing has the info from the tag, you should try calling a NM SA and see if they can check their system. Try calling the Houston NM and ask for Steph--she's a tPF member and a great SA!
  5. I had a few of my SAs and a bunch of other SAs for that matter, hee, search for 2 days for me. No luck...there aren't any more left. :hysteric: My only hope is if someone returns one. So if anyone does, please let me know!
  6. Culgal, I ordered mine last weekend and my SA said there were a few left in the system. She called a few stores and let me know that there were definitely more than one. But again she said NM sold 5 of them (can you believe it!) within a couple days last week ( i'm thinking this is a result of the thread about Jessica Alba on the main page!). I will ask her to look for one for you and will let you know. Good Luck hun!
  7. Thanks much! I missed it by a matter of days...
  8. Called my NM for ya but all sold out nationwide, sorry.

    It's amazing what a celebrity can do for a bag. The blue soft & chain flaps have been sitting on shelves for over a year, didn't seem that popular when they were released, then a few pics w/ Jessica Alba and there's a frenzy?!!:shrugs:
  9. ^i'm a bit shocked too. i wore mine the other day and a few women nearly pounced on me! and the one on eBay started the day at $790 and is now almost $2500 -- $400 over retail! the seller must be psyched!
  10. ^ I know Kicks..crazy and the seller's feedback is just ok IMO. (You looked beautiful w/ urs btw!, maybe u started the frenzy...:p) No wonder the designers give away their stuff for free to celebs, geez. They can turn anything into GOLD!
  11. The blue is really pretty....this model was out last year, it wasn't that popular or HOT like now. My SA even sent me a pic of this in black and i wasn't really keen even to have a second look on the bag.

    It's so funny, isn't it?? We always see other pple carryin it or hollywood stars having it, then we start realising the bag looks lovely...*LOL*
  12. I was so close to buying this bag last summer! I loved the color, but what held me back was the fact it was lambskin. The bag NM had on the shelf at the time had chain marks on it from where it laid on the bag. I knew it was just too delicate for me. Gorgeous though! I still think it's a beautiful bag!