Sight seeing & LV spotting in Rome (back from a 6-day trip)

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  1. First of all, Rome was absolutely amazing, so much history, culture, art & religion all rolled into one city.

    Of course, besides sight seeing, I was also LV spotting. Sad to say, the first few days I saw nothing but fakes. And most of them had this weird monogram that said "LX". And there were street vendors selling fakes at practically every tourist attraction.

    But once we hit Via Condotti (a really posh shopping street w/ every imaginable high-end boutique), I spotted a lot of authentic LVs: tons of speedies, quite a few suhali bags, a Monogram Riveting, a Fleur suede Onatah, and a gold Miroire speedy!

    I was able to snap this picture of a fake LV Eole right outside of St. Peter's Square (not quite sure why the girl was bringing luggage to the Vatican) . But it was not nearly as bad as a fake multicolore speedy I saw that had cerises print as well. I wish I snapped a picture of that one too. It was just ugly.:wtf:
    Fake LV.jpg Fake #2.jpg
  2. Disgusting...I saw that same print on a wallet the other day...eww
  3. OMG! Cerises print with MC....that must look hideous!!!
  4. I was in Rome a few weeks ago too! I've never seen so many ugly fakes in one city before. :yucky:
  6. OMG what is that?
  7. Ewww - I think these are worse than even the 'trying to be real' fakes - these aren't even trying - WTF??
  8. Yah, Rome was the city of fakes! And the amount of people selling the fakes amazed me too!
  9. lol. that is pretty bad. its always weird and interesting to see what ppl have in other places....i live in a NON LV state so there really are never many but i went to boston a few days ago and ive never seen soooooo many LV bags ever! it was crazy and i saw 2 lockits a black and a white and a tote and so many....and a lot of different ones...i think i had the only speedy and the only damier azur.
  10. I love Rome! I remember all the street vendors too. I remember seeing fakes being carried around, but they didn't faze me too much. I don't think it was more than I see when I'm in NYC. The authentic LVs looked great on the Italian women though!
  11. EEK
    I see that kind of prints a lot too! It's soooo horrible!
  12. I remember there were massive amounts of fakes in Rome - it was mind boggling ! Like whereever there were tourists, there were guys trying to sell fake bags - even in the Vatican !! Holy fake bags !!
  13. Since I'm an Italian lady, I can say you that here in Italy there are sooooooo many fakes.. unfortunately most women just want to own something that looks like a LV bag and they don't care if it's a fake, even if it's far away from a real LV bag..
    However, I'm not in agreement with people who says that Rome/Italy are city/country of fakes.. yes, you can see a lot of fakes here, but I think you can find them everywhere, as well as real bags.
  14. That is gross...but yes, any city you will find these!!! I see sooooooo many fakes whenever I am in Chicago!
  15. Eww! That's a disgusting fake. I hate how people carry fakes like it's nothing.