Sight glasses

  1. Right, my time is coming up to get new glasses (thank you health insurance :love:)

    I get up to $400 (roughly) to get a frame, so I'd like some suggestions as to what I should get. I usually go for rectangular frames as my face tends to look too round with anything else.

    Thanks! :amuse:
  2. My current pairs are by Chanel and Dolce&Gabanna...the D&G's are more square,and the Chanel's loop upwards in a kind of cat-like shape.

    I also have a round face so I know the drill LOL.

    I love getting new glasses!!! Good luck!!
  3. Here's a bad pic (cropped photo) of my Chanel ones...
  4. OOooh, they're quite nice. I found a nice pair of Armani ones last year but the plastic is so soft that they tend to bend and fall off after a while, despite tightening the screws every now and then.
  5. The Armani ones are usually a bit flimsy...I had a pair a couple of years ago and it was the same thing...couldn't wear them for sport or anything.And I finished them off by standing on them (I'd fallen asleep on the couch,glasses on floor,phone rang,you know....:lol: :lol: :lol: )

    LOL my glasses actually look pretty good on my face and not as geekish/grandma-ish as they do when disembodied:lol: ...but I don't want to post my face!!!
  6. Im like you Perja, I tend to stay away from any round frames...I have some generic rectangular frames and I always get compliments on how they make me look smarter (err. now that I think about it...I don't know if thats really a compliment...haha. j/k)
  7. I would go chanel something like this they are 3073b
  8. I always try a lot of different pairs on. I tend to buy from companies that specialize in eyeglasses rather than from design houses that have eyeglasses designed for them

    I currently have got Anne et Valentin glasses (they have a website, you can check it out if interested), as well as some cheaper ones by OGI. I was thinking about getting a pair of Theo glasses (they have an amaing website, also won a design award a few years ago -- their site actually shows people wearing their glasses).

    I find that a long rectangular shape (or extended square) is the most flattering, but it is really different for most people. I also don't mind buying coloured glasses, and I prefer acetate, without the nose pieces, because I don't like my glasses to stand out from my nose.

    Can you tell that I glasses shop a lot?
  9. Mine are black rectangular frames by Oliver Peoples. They are scaled very well for my small face and the have separate little ovals for the nose (instead of just a little tab that extends from the frame). The nose pieces are wired to the frame and they have a little play in them so they are very comfortable. I'm told this is unusual for a plasic frame (it is common for metal frames of course). So, you might want to check out Oliver Peoples.
  10. Oliver Peoples is one of the big American brands. I've also owned glasses by Lafont -- sometimes they are worth checking out as well.
  11. i love oliver peoples, also for sunnies....i have to wear eyeglasses too and i prefer rectangular shapes.....i saw a lot of shapes on the internet i relly liked, but never bought thm...i'm always afraid i wouldn't like the way they looked on me....when i have to buy eyeglasses i always go to the optician and try different shapes, then choose!
  12. I've never bought glasses online either!
  13. Hopefully she didn't mean to get glasses online,just ideas...because it's imperative to try them on!! A millimetre and or there or the slightest angle could change everything.
  14. lol. No, I was actually looking for suggestions of cool frames you'd seen online so that I can be on the lookout for them IRL.
  15. I can only pick my glasses when I am in the store. Sometimes the cutest ones look awful on my face. I have a really chunky framed Armani Exhange pair that I love to throw on with any outfit- they are quirky cute! Then I have a Valentino frame that is not as chunky but still has the frame go all the way around. My eye lady said many people enjoy Valentino. And I just got a new pair of RL that don't have a full frame but are very flattering.

    I was not helpful for YOU... but those are 3 brands I love for eye glasses