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  1. I've been admiring this Baby Paddy in Anthracite on Diabro.net (okay more like stalking :lol: ) for quite some time now. Instead of just buying it, for some ungodly reason I've been waiting - for what I don't know. :shrugs: Now I see the Anthracite color is GONE! :cursing:

    Do anyone know how often they replenish their supply? There is NO Chloe Boutique near me, so is there a way I can hunt down a Anthracite Baby Paddy? :crybaby:
  2. From what I've seen with diabro, when their stuff goes on sale and they get sold out, that's it. Hope you can find another Anthracite paddy!
  3. Every once in a while they come back. I bought a black silverado satchel and they were sold out and it popped back up again this weekend.
  4. I've been checking the site to see if another one appears. I'm really kicking myself for letting it slip by. :sad:
  5. I will keep my eyes peeled for you too! I have a baby paddy in anthracite and it's a great bag... we have to find you one!:heart:
  6. OMG! I did the SAME thing only it was for the cannelle zippy. :cursing: I was LOOKING at it for WEEKS! I didn't care for the color, (or so I thought) and just would glance at it now and then...lo and behold, I bought the cannelle in the medium on Bluefly and I think the color is really nice! :smile: So of course, when I decide I'll get the zippy, it's GONE:crybaby: ....I think I'm going to email roz (roz77772002 on eBay) and see if she can track one down. :smile: :idea: