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  1. For the record, I don't care anymore. Would everyone, who knows what went on, please stop PMing me. It's rather childish to PM me to call me names but then tell me to grow up :suspiciou Also, I don't care who put me on their blocked bidders list becuase there are plenty of sellers willing to accept my money, happily. I don't mess with people's auctions because I don't want anyone messing with mine. Please let it go, and no I'm not appologizing. I have nothing to appologize for. Please move on, as I have.
  2. Whatever happened, I'm sorry and hope things get better soon!
  3. If this is still about the agenda situation - it's been resolved and there is no need to dig it back up.
  4. yeah folks, stop harassing her, it just means that no one that reads this board will ever buy your auctions.

    and that's a LOT of money to be missing out on. let's be grownups, ok?
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.