sigh.... writers block

  1. Neiman Marcus
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  1. Day 7 of trying to write a personal statement for residency program application in internal medicine ...... so far.... 0 words!!!! complete writers block:hysteric: anyway, just wanted to complain sorry....
  2. I can't help u with this one, but I thought I'd wish you luck!!
  3. It must be that time of year, I'm writing my Statement of Purpose for PhD programs, and I've got writers block too. I don't think, "I want to study Russian literature because it's cool. Plus, I really don't like my job." is going to cut it!

    Good luck writing yours!
  4. Conference presentation here:yucky:

    I have done tons of research and my advisor is going to be back from vacation and ready to work next week, but my draft so far consists of a title, a running head and a works cited.

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