*sigh* Where do these people COME from???

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  1. A few weeks ago, I won my first paypal claim that I filed after I received an atrociously fake "chanel" bag.. maybe 3 weeks ago. Today, the seller of that atrocity emails me, ACCUSING me of giving Angie @ MyPoupette FRAUDULENT pictures! I am just like, are you serious???? :cursing: :cursing:

    Ok, well my question is just whether or not I need to respond to this email. They seem to have messaged Angie about it too (poor Angie) but I'm thinking, if they really believed this, maybe they should've brought this up when our dispute was OPEN... hmmmm..... :confused1:

    Also, they claimed that paypal was going to ask me to return the bag, but I haven't heard anything from paypal ever since they've decided in my favor and refunded me everything I paid, including shipping. What the heck is going on??? I feel like I don't have to do anything since the claim is already closed. Has anyone unfortunately been through this too? Or can offer me some advice? :yucky: TIA!! :Push:
  2. Ignore them -- don't do anything unless paypal tells you. They probably only want the bag back so they can relist it on eBay!
  3. ^^^ You're so right. I will do just that! :blah:

    Thank you, lorihmatthews! :flowers:
  4. I agree, ignore that seller, the claim has been settled and youre done. Unless you receive contact from PayPal to return the bag, but then again, who pays for shipping?...I wouldnt respond to the seller it just ignites that flame even further and would cause more problems. I am happy PayPal sided with you and you got all your money back! woohoo!:yahoo:
  5. ^^ lol! Your post is so... boobiefull? :blink: :biggrin: Thanks for the encouragement, though!! :biguns: I just needed your voices of reason!
  6. I would send the bag back because what are you going to do with it? You don't have to worry about gettting your money back anymore. I just wouldn't keep the bag.
  7. She had another fake Chanel for sale the other day....
  8. If the dispute has been closed, and PayPal was the entity involved in that, I would just delete the email and do nothing.

    If there is anything that you were supposed to do that you did not do, it is unlikely that PayPal would have closed the dispute. Since they did, all balls are automatically in their court, and the if the other individual wishes to continue the discussion, it is to PayPal that her communications should be directed, not to you.

    However, it is not your responsibility to tell her that. Just ignore it.
  9. Tura**Satana - I really want to, it makes me sick just looking at this monstrosity of a bag. But like Oh Donna! said, if I had the choice, I don't really want to front the shipping price........

    Michele - Yes, I make sure to report them every time I see them!! (Okok, sometimes I go out of my way to look for them :sweatdrop: ) But you know, it's weird how they have perfect feedback for selling Hermes scarves that are apparently authentic... even though it's always the same exact designs. But why don't they just stick with selling those? :shrugs:

    ShimmaPuff - Thanks for the advice, I will definitely do that! That's exactly what I've figured too, that they had their chance to put everything out on the table. It's over now!!

    On a happier note, you are all wonderful! Emoticon flowers for all! :flowers:
  10. Ignore that seller's email but send your own photos to Angie, cc that seller so that Angie hears both sides of the story and has the relevant facts to judge. Good luck.