*SIGH* Tight stitching caused tiny hole and rip

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  1. #1 Sep 27, 2010
    Last edited: Sep 27, 2010
    Okay, so I was going to use my new beloved 227 grey reissue over the weekend...guess what I found...a tiny tiny hole and rip in the stitching. I had the same issue with the beige claire jumbo that looks worse and waiting for a replacement for that. I bought both bags from Bergdorf's; and the SA said the grey reissue was the last one left. I got it tax free too. Should I return the grey reissue OR keep it and not worry about the small tear? Would this bother you? Here are photos of the reissue:

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  2. Here are holes and rips in the stitching of the beige claire jumbo just sitting in my closet waiting for an exchange...I wonder where defective chanels go...is there some sort of Chanel heaven?

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  3. Ugh, that's very annoying!

    I don't think other people would's see it but you notice it. If it really bothers you I would go back to the store and return it.

    It would bother me. You paid enough money for that bag...it doesn't need to have a tear!
  4. return it.

    I would rather have a perfect one for full price than damage with less.
  5. I would return it because over time & use, it will worsen.

    Now you made me paranoid... I shall go home and check all my bags!

    Good luck!
  6. Those tiny holes are not unheard of and quite common. If you don't feel comfortable, then return both.
  7. The gray reissue is really gorgeous but at the same time the rips would bother me so I would say return it. Did you check with you SA if she will be getting more in stock later?
  8. the grey one is ok i guess, not too noticeable, the beige clair needs an exchange
  9. return/exchange them
    no matter how small or big.. they are rips.
    not acceptable on new CHANEL! *sigh*
  10. #10 Sep 28, 2010
    Last edited: Sep 28, 2010
    I probably shouldn't be too bothered with the grey one I guess...I still carried it for one night...because I was in denial...telling myself not to worry about it! Then it gnawed at me and wanted to know what you all thought. BG doesn't have another grey reissue in stock...

    Yes, I feel the same way...but unfortunately they are never perfect...I just don't want to drive myself crazy but at the same time...it's disheartning no less :-s

    Yes, this is what worries me too...that the tiny rip will get longer and longer and longer...

    I get the tiny holes where the stiches go in and out...but when the holes are stretched and a tiny rip ensues...sad that this is the norm...

    Yes, I love everything else about this reissue; except for this one small rip. No, they don't have more in stock...that's why I'm wondering if I should keep it...

    Yes...I agree about the beige claire...I'm not as stressed about it as the grey...the tear IS quite small. You have to look close and I'm very near sighted!! **sigh**

    It's unfortunate that Chanel has these small imperfections...

    Thank you so much for your input everyone! I just wanted to know what you would do in this situation..
  11. You might as well return or exchange, and goodluck!
  12. I would def return it..issues like these would worry me....if that tear gets bigger over time you'll be screwed.....another quality issue....not good!
  13. I would return it. For the price of these bags, it better be perfect!
  14. Eeek! I am bothered by the beige claire. Return.
  15. Return it. I'd be very bothered by it.