Sigh. This is what Bag Heaven is like...

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  1. Thanks to a fellow HHHottie awhile back, I scored a brand new Gaza satchel. We moved six months ago, and somehow she got stored in the back of my closet by my dear hubby.

    Well, I am carrying her today for the first time in about a year, and DAMN I love this bag! Classic yet edgy, pockets galore and a TDF color, like whiskey.

    She beats out the Hermes Picotin, LV Noe and Balenciagas I have...they have their own loved aspects, but "Lady Gaza" is my all-around go-to purse.

    The color is shown in the third partial picture.


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  2. Yay for a "new" bag! I have the Gaza in Fir and she is indeed an amazing bag. Congrats on finding her.
  3. Fantastic!
  4. That's one gorgeous bag, congrats. :yes: Is that partial picture a pic of the Gaza as well?
  5. Hi Carlottalyn,

    No, that partial pic is of another HH bag, I don't know which one. But the color is the same. Like a Kraft caramel. Or the burnt sugar on the top of a creme brulee.

    Happy day to all!
  6. That's so cool--had you forgotten about the bag during that time? I started carrying my bittersweet gaza again yesterday! It really is one of HH's best styles ever! I was super tempted by the prune on the bay/bon, but I'm thinking I might actually prefer the bittersweet afterall. :biggrin: Carlie, that's a partial pic of the cocoa hudson.
  7. ^Really?? I was pretty sure it was the Hudson, but the color looked different from mine. Could be wrong though...maybe it's time to pull that baby out again. :P
  8. Agreed.... my Gaza Satchel is by far the best bag in my collection :love:
  9. Me too! I love the prune, but I have too many purple bags already and the bittersweet goes w/ everything!!
  10. ^let me know when you decide to pare down that purple collection nikki...... :graucho:
  11. ^^Will do! As you know purple is my fav color! I didn't have any purple bags for long time and recently I started buying them repeatedly. I am waiting on the grape shine Havana and trophy satchel and plan on getting a bag in the lilac shine!!!
  12. I've been looking for something in purple too, the grape Emile Indexer and check book cover are nice but it'd be even better to have something big in purple
  13. I never forgot I had her, but I was beginning to freak out because she wasn't where all my other bags were packed. We had only a short time to get moved, and were already missing one box that's never been found.

    Anyway, I just love her. I may search for another on the 'bay/bon just to have a backup. I saw the prune and didn't really like the color too much.

    Oh well. Enjoy your gazas, ladies, and thanks for listening to my rants!
  14. This looks like such a lovely bag! I'm so glad you found yours, SKelly!

    I think it might have too much organization for mois. I tend to like big open pits to dig around in and organize w. pouches!
  15. It's nice to hear the remarks on the Gaza... I am in search of a Gaza... even though I could have bought that Prune one today, I think my heart is set on the Fir or the Bittersweet...

    One day perhaps I will get one... with some hottie luck... :smile:

    Congrats on yours!