(sigh)..This is Hard to Admit....

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  1. ...but I think I need to realize that with the cost of these BE bags, I'm not going to be getting one as often. I've been averaging one BE per quarter, and when I showed DH (who is incredibly supportive of my addiction that often requires him to stash his clothing in tiny drawers, due to my bag collection), he said, in a cautious voice, "Are you getting one?" It took *that* for me to say to myself, Hmm...we are looking at $600+ bags here, not the $100-$250 bags of my past. Getting a new bag on a whim isn't possible LOL! Duh!!

    It will be a financial exercise of lovingly saving for that special BE bag....:heart:

    Sitting out the Fall line (for now), will be painful :hrmm:, but the bigger picture is my BE collection will consist of a small number of exquisite bags that speak to me. :yes:
  2. That's SO ironic! I have been sitting here the past few days waffling back and forth on if I am going to get anything out of the fall line...

    It seemed so easy to put down the $180 and pay a couple months later, but none of the bags just shrieked "OMG MINE!!" when I looked at them, like the purple Love Me did! So I think that's why (besides that its not a smart financial move for me) I haven't put a deposit on anything yet.

    That might change when I see modeling photos, but really, I liked the colors of the spring line the best to be honest. I LOVE metallics, but this is a big purchase and I really don't know if I would use the bag as much as my purple Love Me (I can't wait for that bag)

    Its also hard because I started a part time job at nights that pays me extremely well and after 4 years of staying at home, I really want to treat myself (and I am and did with the LM!) but I really have had to think about the landscaping and deck we have to build this summer, get through tax season, etc etc.....

    It was hard to admit that maybe I don't need something from each season, but her bags are so beautiful!
  3. There is nothing wrong with taking a breather for a while. Enjoy the bags you have!

    Right now, I have 10 handbags and 2 work bags (for laptop and work papers only). The only BE bags I have are the chocolate TMA for work and the tan SMM for casual use.

    Compared to many women on tPF, 10 handbags is not a lot. However, I'm thinking of selling 3 or 4 of the handbags that I don't use as much as the others. For me, having a lot of handbags would be a waste since they would just sit in the closet while I used my favorites every day. I prefer to have a smaller number of bags that I really love and want to use a lot.

    As for the fall line, the only bag that I'm considering is a black crash Make Me Smile Midi. I think the style is perfect for me. I'm just not sure about the black crash.
  4. Aaaaawwww Audball! It's very easy to be swept away with all the excitement of the new fall line.....I know I did with the LM midi in dark grey, and have pondered whether it's the 'right' bag for me! Regardless of what some people may say, everyones circumstances, financial situation and priorities are different, and yes, it IS a lot of money to spend on ONE bag...that may not even get that much wear out of it, who knows? What I DO know, is no matter how much 'talk' and 'hype' there is on here, I for one will not be pressured into getting something, unless it is what I NEED, and I'm absolutely certain, no matter how 'gorgeous' they look. Before you know it, we'll be in June, and there'll be a mid-year sale (I'm hoping!!! LOL!!) I've been going back and forth too, and taken a step back, and thought.....do I actually need and have a use for this? That puts things in perspective for me!!!! I really do think, you're taking the logical and sensible approach to what suits YOU! ;)
  5. Bravo Aud! Good for you! I'm with you! When you add up how much you spend in a season or in a year...it is sobering, to say the least. Of course, everyone has different circumstances, so I'm not judging others.

    I only wish to share this, which I've said on another thread. It is April. There is a frenzy to buy Fall 08 bags which don't even exist yet. Believe me, there will be bags left to buy. There are always bags to buy! Everytime you buy from one collection...then the next collection comes out and you see something you like even better.

    The Greeks said it all, for me, at any rate: moderation in all things.

    For me, I must buy my bags on sale or ebay. That is my reality. I have two college tuitions of $90,000 a year!!! I have a lovely collection of handbags and I am enjoying every one of them.

    A zen thought to share with you all. I enjoy the beauty of many handbags. But it doesn't mean I personally have to own them. I can enjoy you ladies owning them, and the pleasure you get from them. When I "need" a new handbag and there is a sale...I will poke through and see what's left. And I'll be very happy.

    For you ladies who are trying to deal with buying less bags...go to the "Money Talks" thread and take a look at people's financial situations, their credit card debts, how they are trying to "curb consumerism" and maybe you'll feel inspired.
  6. TropicalGal, I will definitely check it out -- sounds like a great thread! And I am totally on the same page with you regarding spending and picking the sales/ebay. The absolute only way I'm able to order 2 fall bags, is because I am selling stuff out of my closet that I've never worn or used hardly at all. I've never done that, so there are quite a few nice things in there to turn over! Personally, I would never carry this kind of debt -- fashion debt to me is the worst kind to handle because it so easily gets out of control!

    Right there with you audball!
  7. Audball - You are doing the right thing. DH and I both have our own incomes but I never feel it's fair for me to spend our money on handbags. So, every time I buy one it is either due to my bonus or I sell something to keep it kind of even. One in one out.kwim? Fortunately, I use to be obsessed with jewelry so that has helped since I currently don't have any bags that I want to sell.:yes: In any case, we love you here regardless of the amount of bags you have. Heck, I hang here even though I have way more Botkiers, Grysons, Balenciagas etc.:P
  8. This is a very smart move! Although I wish I had more bags, I admit that I wouldn't be able to use them all! First of all, DF would kill me, haha, and I also think it's a waste to keep buying and buying without truly enjoying what you have.
  9. I've had a peek at these threads....and am a true believer in living within my means! Although debt and lack of self-control can truly be soul destroying. I used to see a lot of when I was self-employed, in my line of work, and it's quite alarming. :sad:
  10. I am done after my WTM midi in purple crash. I have every BE bag that I want in every color that I want so there is no need for more. I will enjoy and use my BEs and be happy with what I have. So truly no more BEs until maybe next year. I have my spring/summer BEs to enjoy now and my Lm midi in grey, wine LM and purple crash WTM midi for fall/winter. That and my current BEs are plenty to get me through the year.
  11. Thanks, gals....I knew I could have an "honest chat" with the BE gals; a sensible, stylish bunch! :yes:

    I am participating in the Curbing Consumerism club because I am tired of all the "stuff" that our family has accumulated. We are not at a breaking point yet, but I want to prevent that "must-have-it" mentality from pervading our home. I could see where the kids were suffering from a serious case of the "gimmes" and I know it's because they saw their mom and dad participating in the whole consumer culture.

    Thanks, ladies!
  12. Anytime Audball! I think it's admirable that you're addressing an issue that simply isn't just going to sort itself out or disappear. It's interesting though to have varied topics of discussion! :tup:
  13. Yeah, I think there's a pretty wide range of levels of economics in this forum. Some ladies are just able to afford a lot more, while others, like myself, have to either sell to buy or save up for a while. Having kids (I have one) makes a real difference -- college either looms or is in the here and now!
  14. im totally having the same moment. I have more bags than i can use ... i really want the purple crash hug me, but do i need it?

  15. I suspect that we don't really need most of the bags that we buy. They are definitely more of a want than a need. I think that's one reason why we enjoy buying them. It's a lot more fun to buy something we want than something we need!