*sigh* the stam

  1. do you think the Stam will ever be marked down?
  2. Honestly no :lol:
  3. i don't think so either...
  4. Definitely not in the next few years at least.
  5. No I don't think it will, but try and get it during an EGC event, or Bloomingdales $25.00 coupon sales or some promo at a major retailer.
  6. probably not for a long while... i'm with you on this, though (if that makes you feel any better XD)...I find myself browsing ebay constantly, hoping to find an affordable authentic one...but, sadly, no.
  7. i share your feelings, love that bag too! *sigh*
  8. I think that maybe (crossing my fingers here), at the end of the season, if retail stores have colors other than black, they might mark those down. It's worth keeping an eye out for one, and of course, eBay. Good luck!