(sigh) The new spring bags are just so $$$, even for LV. I guess I won't be (ro)

  1. getting any of the new bags. The LVoe tote is $1600, the Vernis Heart-shaped thing is $350, already $20 more than the listed price in the look book.

    I loved the new Damier Sporty bag (launching May 1st). It looks like the Monogram Carryall, but the size of a Speedy 30, with a LV metal plague in the front. But it's close to $1500, almost the same price as the new Epi Bowling bag (GM).
  2. Yes, LV prices are :yucky: but it doesn't stop me from buying stuff - just have to wait longer.:sad:
  3. I glad those sporty bags r permanent line. I have no problem to wait for them.
  4. I love the Sporty bag & the tote..but I agree - the prices are way too high. Especially for the tote!
  5. I think the LVOE tote should be like... $500 TOPS.
  6. SIGH**
    LV's item getting more and more $$$
    and new thing just come too fast
    don't even have enough money to save....
  7. LV is definitely in the right business. As long as the market still clamors for them, they will monopolise the pricing. Sad but true.
  8. I agree I think the LOVE tote is way overpriced for what it is.. while I love it and still will probably buy it , I wish it was more around 500- or 600- dollars.. LV is really getting pricey...
  9. love tote is nice but price is not cute..
  10. i don't think most of the new pieces are worth the hike in price! pretty gross if you ask me!